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For some years now, the services we provide have been a hallmark for successful international cooperation between many people and cultures. For a company operating worldwide, tolerance, liberal-mindedness and treating each other with respect are values we take for granted.
The Group aims to be among the industry’s innovation and quality leaders for reliability, customer orientation, efficiency, safety and environmental protection. To guarantee satisfaction for our clients, we are continually improving our processes as well as our cutting edge IT systems. Atlantic shipping company possesses superbly trained and highly motivated staff. The Group traditionally attaches great importance to continuing staff education and training.
Atlantic shipping company is aware that worldwide transport of goods invariably has repercussions on the environment. The shipping line requires that these be reduced as far as possible while also conserving resources. Therefore the environment and sustainability are central to Atlantic shipping company corporate philosophy. Thanks to our modern fleet and the high priority accorded environmental protection in everyday business, Atlantic shipping company is among the pioneers in the industry.
Companies invariably bear a responsibility to society generally. Ezone Global is committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility. Moreover, in some few years ago, the Group vested its charitable activities in Atlantic shipping company Foundation that supports cultural, scientific and social projects.